"LED lighting should be easy." That's our believe and also the focus of our work. We are here to bring LED lighting to general public; not just lucky few.

LED is known as one of most efficient and long lasting light source; yet its price has never been very acceptable to public. There are many reasons to that, but the most important reason is complicity of light system. Today's high power LED chip can generate a lot of light from a very small silicon die size. Come with light is byproduct- heat that needs to be dissipated away from LED chip die; otherwise it may affact life time. Unlike incandescent light which can go up to a thousand degree F. LED chip usually work at under 200F. That's why most of LED light is equipped with either exotic metal core PCB and bulky heat sink.

We made it easy through innovation:
With our special design, the back aluminum bracket is directly attaching to belly of each LED, where heat is concentrated. Aluminum is among the best conductor for heat, 6 times better than steel or 1000 times better than PCB material Therefore heat can be quickly dissipated away from LED chips.

Other than good heat dissipation, our module is sturdy, light weight and easy to work with. Most importantly, it's easy to make. That's the centerpiece ingredient of how we made LED lighting Easy.

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