I am a long time LED fan. Needless to say, I have bought couple of generations of LED light bulbs. The early generations

of LED bulbs were not really ominidirectional bulbs. And from my observation, most of they can not even comparable to

25 Watt incandescent light bulb.

The latest LED bulbs, such as the late Philips and Cree bulbs had gone a long way from those old generation bulbs. They

are much brighter, really can compare with 60 or higher wattage number incandescent bulb. And they do save on energy,

although not by much compare to CFL bulb, for about 20% less.

I was not convinced to encourage using LED bulb for family use. The reason being their cost was too high but not wont

save enough energy. At just a little bit over a year ago, a decent 60W compare LED bulb would cause over $30. And the

average lit up time for most household light are less than 6 hours a day. Low usage means it would take long long time to

recover the cost difference. Take a 60W compare bulb for example, if a bulb lit up 6 hours a day, saving over a year

would be only around $2. Although all those light bulb companies tried to tell us these amazing bulb could last for 20 years;

but in reality, I would only bet my money on for 7-10 years.

But now the whole games had changed, the average price of LED bulb has dropped to about half. The energy saving still

remains about the same. So this energy saving thing actually also make economical sense now. Besides, What we can

count on is: The price of LED bulbs probably has only one way to go, which is down. So this is the time for LED bulb

start to be a good choice for more and more of us.

Attach photo shows three types of LED bulbs, they all has light output compare to 60W incandescent bulb. The one on

the left is the Philips bulb that has been out for over a year, a real omnidirectional bulb. It feel kind of heavy and weights

7 oz. The one in the middle is new Philips bulb, which weight only 5oz; but its not a real omnidirectional bulb, it leave a

somewhat big shadow at South Pole or at the base area. The one on the right is the new Cree LED bulb which only weight

4.5oz. It's also not a real omnidirectional bulb, it leaves a shadow at both north and south poles. Price wise, Cree bulb is

lowest at $12.99 which is lowest and new Philips bulb cost $2 more. Depend on usage that whether you require light up


 Not much light required at top

the top, I would choice between new Philips bulb and Cree bulb.

Most light come

out from top of bulb