In a small package, today's high power LED can take so much power to generate a lot of light.

The key to maintain product quality is to quickly dissipate excess heat away from its silicon die.

Our Cree XT-E LED chip is 3.5mm square in size, yet its typical power is rated at 5.3Watt.

All that must be taken away from its thermal pad on its belly.




Why Easy LED module is so simple yet performs so excellent to dissipate heat from high

power  LED? While there is no expensive Metal Core PCB nor Heat Sink? Easy LED module

use very basic one side single layer PCB and simple aluminum mounting bracket; the secret is

revealed from the photo below. 

Under each LED, there is a slot opening on PCB, just enough for a tab the aluminum mounting

bracket to go through it and make direct contact with the LED. The heat generated from LED

has a quick release path through aluminum plate and then maybe to lamp case. And aluminum

has amount the highest conductivity factor of 240, is about 1000 times faster then FR4 material

that forms PCB. That's why our module perform so excellent in heat dissipation.