Mass Buyer Programs

Our Easy LED 60Watt lamp installation kit retails for $85, which contains 4 ready to install modules, one driver and all needed accessories.

60W Kits Retail Merchant
Price $71.99 $60
save 17%
However, if you are a professional installer and you buy in quantity, you can get our original module at much better price. Our original module that is, tested, un-bent, un-wired, per box price is $11 per module with minimum order of 60pc box.

60pc Easy LED module Box: $660

If couple with 15 LED drivers ($16 each) $240 (Further bucky discount may apply when purchased from vendor directly)
That's $900 for 15 Lamps ($1080 if buy 15 kits), $180 in saving; not include shipping cost saving.
Compare with 45 LED tubes (roughly $2250), that’s more than 50% in saving

You can submit your seller permit to setup an account with us to avoid sales tax. Please email to:

Module Bending

Our metal bracket is bendable, we use this feature to control light output angle.

We use Eastwood versa bend braker to bend our modules. It features as smaller as ½ inch offset precision bend. Our typical bending is 45 degrees with DC power holes facing open.

Note: you usually want to bend the module so the wiring holes are facing open as our photo shows.

Wire soldiering

Here is a general instruction about how to solder wire onto a PCB. You need solder iron and solder. (Example)

Power supply

We use constant current LED driver to convert AC to DC power to feed our modules. Most LED driver will take 120V or 240V AC input regardless.

The module we use to is MeanWell lpc-60-1400. It can driver from 1 to 4 with 1400mA constant current. To implement dual level brightness control, we use two lpc-35-700 side by side to get either 700mA or 1400mA of DC driving power.