Installation Disffuser Instruction
  • Decide if you need diffuser films, suggest diffuser for all kind of lamp with clear cover or no cover.

    No Cover Clear Indication Icy Indication
    Need Disffuser? Yes Yes No

  • Our diffuser is thin PET film, special cut to integrate with our Easy LED module without glue or any other help. Apply diffuser film when you are still on ground before you climb up ladder. Follow the photo sequence.

    First, align film with module, align the side with a small nick to wire connect base, align two tabs to thin slots under module's PCB, Slide film so both tabs get through the narrow slots under light modules' PCB. Bend the film around LED in hand and insert the other two tabs in between PCB and tabs from the other edge. Let tabs fully go through the opening all the way, that should be tight enough already. If necessary, apply one drop of crazy glue at the tabs on top.