Compare LED Tube and Easy LED

  Energy Consummation Cost Character Package Retail Price
Easy LED solution 60W 4 Easy LED module with one AC->DC driver Pre-wired easy to install Very small and safe package $85
Conventional fluorescent tube 40W x 3 Under $2 Consume more energy, shorter life spam Fragile 4' long package, must handle with care Under $10 x 3
Low level
LED tube
17-19W x 3 Use more, smaller low power LED, generally not enough lumen flux. Claim drop in replacement, but needs re-wiring to bypass ballast. Some consumers complain not bright enough Less fragile but 4' extra long package $40 x 3
High level
20~25W x 3 Higher power LED, metal core PCB, higher at cost Claim drop in replacement, but needs re-wiring to bypass ballast Less fragile but 4' extra long package $50 x 3

Not using T8 tubes? Want to keep dual brightness levels? You are out of luck with LED tubes; but we can help you!

Replacement LED tube is one way to replace fluorescent light into LED light. However, Just like fluorescent tubes has different lengthes(2', 4' and 8'), size (T5, T8, T10 and T12) LED tube also come with many sizes. Most importantly, almost all LED tubes are called “Self ballast LED lamp”, which means they have LED driver build in side the tube. No matter what kind of voltage you apply to them, each one only have one level of light output level. If your fluorescent lamp has two output levels, using them is going to lose that feature.

Our product cost less, in much smaller shipping package and is Easy to install.

Do you know you need to bypass fluorescent ballast wiring when you install LED tubes? Fluorescent ballast is only about 90% efficiency; without bypassing it will cost you about 10% more energy, the re-wiring can be quite confusing. After conversion, you can't install fluorescent tubes back. Each fluorescent tube has 4 connector pins, two at each end. Some LED tubes use just one end, two connector pins for AC input; some LED tubes use both ends, at one end both connector pins, for AC hot and the other end for AC common. Obviously, changing between different brands of LED tube may not work; in some cases, can cause short circuit and dangerous, Insert LED tube the wrong way in won't work either. Our Easy LED kit comes with pre-wired modules, the only wiring you need to do is to connect two DC wires to modules, and two AC wires to power lines.

A typically 4' LED tube itself may not weight much, but needs a strong box to protect it. And guess what, the box must length longer than 4' long. A shipment of four 4' tubes is not small, and weights something. Our 60Watt Easy LED package weights just 2 lbs, fits inside of a small USPS priority mail box.