How to build a nice LED lamp with Easy LED module?

Decide the need

First, decide light output requirement. One of our Easy LED module drive at 16watts can emit 1300 lumens of light, which is comparable to a 35w 4' fluorescent tube. Typical you would want 5000 lums from ceiling to light up a 10x10 working space; less for living space.

These modules can be linked as in series or in parallel depends on driver provided.

Driving method

The recommend method to drive most of LED product is to provide constant driving current (at whatever voltage needed). Our Easy LED module has a typical driving current at 1500mA. You may drive it more or less depends on the need.

In our LED renovation kit, we included a MeanWell LPC-60-1400 driver, which sends out a constant current of 1400mA with voltage range 9-42volts. That's ideal for driving 1 to 4 Easy LED modules in series.

For cost consensus projects, one may use constant voltage driver, which is more popular and typically cost less, from 10 to 20% less. The way to use one is as such: Find a CV driver with output voltage slightly higher than your module set, and use its maximum current as your working current. Or course, we can use resistor to drop a few volts.

Using resistor to drop voltage need some calculation: We know Easy LED module has voltage around 10.5 Volt (up and down depend on temperature, too) when driven at 1500mA. Since we are designing a circuit at about 1.5~2A of current here, so for every Ohm can drop 1.5 ~ 2 Volts. For one blade with 12V voltage driver, use 1 ohm to drop 1.5V; For two blades with 24V driver, just use 2 ohm to drop 3 volts, and current should come up from 1.4A and climb to 1.5~1.6A pretty stable. Do choice resister has enough wattage rating. (2W for 1 ohm and 5W for 2 ohm) The advantage of use resistor is: when current increased, the voltage drop also increased. It's easy get balance with LEDs

Uniform light output

To have a smooth uniform light output, a diffuser is needed. Depend on the diffuser design, keep certain distance between LED light source and diffuser is necessary. We have integrate diffuser film listed as accessory for sale, which only needs 1.2" distance to diffuses our output light. A popular acrylic diffuser board which is available at many home improvement store and would need more distance at 3-4". That's probably the most distance one would.

Position the modules

Easy LED module has slots and screw holes (for #6 or smaller screw) on its back bracket for easy mounting. In some cases, one can even use high temperature double sided tape to mount. In order to mount and point the light beam, the back aluminum bracket can be bent to position the LED head. This not only decrease the depth of lamp required, but also allow you to point beam of light to a desired angle.